The ape can read Dawkins

But he obviously doesn’t understand it:

Hmm. Just got done reading a bunch of books roughly on geology, genetics and evolution (Ridley, Dawkins, Relethford, …), and I’m wondering if that’s the key to the dominance of religious beliefs amongst the populace. Maybe those pre-disposed to believe in god are better survivors because they’re more aggressive?

Oh, and maybe they direct most hostility towards the atheists, and not towards people of other faiths, because at the genetic level, that’s the real “enemy”??

Now there’s a thought…the religious kooks are the missing link between the chimps and us atheists! Hahahaha!

Setting aside the horrific abuse of Dawkins’ selfish gene theory… in which he dismisses not only societal groups but even the individual as evolutionarily significant entitities, this evolutionist ape doesn’t even grasp the basic Darwinian concept of natural selection.

If a pre-disposition to believe in god makes some homo sapiens more aggressive and better survivors, this does not put them in a position analogous to a missing link between chimpanzees and humans.

Instead, it puts atheists in the position of the Neanderthal.