Mailvox: the vhip hand

AD wishes to see some atheist-vlogging:

Enjoy your columns and blog, it’s great to know there are other intelligent, technical people who are Christian. I know you’ve done some podcasts, but have little interest in the usual talking head media shows.

Have you thought about Vlogging? YouTube (or others like LiveVideo) seam to have some steam currently. There are several Atheist types vlogging on YouTube recently who try to present arguments against Christianity and religion in general. Mostly they are an embarrassment to themselves, but I can see they are attracting an audience. With the number of young frequenting these sites, it would be great to have a practiced debater such as yourself pointing out the flaws in their argument and ramblings. I think your creativity and imagination could have you owning these sites in no time.

Yes, I actually wrote a bit about Nick Gilburn’s situation in tomorrow’s column. (Don’t worry, it’s in context with some other stuff which should provide some small matter for amusement.) Anyhow, I’m open to trying this if someone will provide me with a transcript from which to work, perhaps taken from one of Mr. Gilburn’s more popular videos.

I can’t watch many videos without my brain going into sleep mode, usually after the second or third obvious howler I can’t even bear to listen to it. For whatever reason, I’m much more amenable to critically reading logical nonsense than listening to it or watching it.

I think I have the Microsoft video software on my other laptop, does anyone know if that will let you pop in still images such as Excel charts or whatever? Alternatively, is there any good open source video producing software, similar to Audacity for audio?