Ve must all be good Chermans

Miss Khindiwoilkajfioehieqhg of Sports Illustrated objects to an inkorrekt attitude:

Rene Portland still has a job. And I am utterly stumped at how….Five Big Ten titles and one Final Four apparently forgive a heckuva of a lot.

So, apparently the fact that the woman is an excellent, championship winning coach shouldn’t count as much as her failure to love the lesbians. What are nearly three decades of success compared with a reluctance to embrace abnormality?

It’s clear that SI is more concerned about die korrekt Attitüde than Penn State, otherwise one doubts Miss Khiwarbliahekfj320i1okjsdf01ij would have a job writing for it, given her complete lack of interest in sports.

Come to think of it, that swastika was an Indian thing originally, wasn’t it. And it’s more than a little ironic to be enduring lectures on korrekt thinking from a woman who apparently hails from the country that invented caste.

The more reasonable question is: how long will Miss Aei1893482upncai1[34091jfqpoi have her job? The answer is: not very.