Mailvox: can’t take credit

Carolus offers misguided praise:

Not even when the gayly righteous ‘stache developed a hysterical case of the vapors over Vox’s WND piece, sending over swarms of flying monkeys, did VD cave.

Gotta give you credit for than one, VD.

Thanks, but honestly, none is due. It never occurred to me to even consider apologizing, much less retract the statement. To credit me for that is like praising a dog for bravery under fire, when in truth the dog has no idea that the big booming noises are anything but thunder.

I don’t regard Medved’s yapping as any different than anyone else’s. If criticism is based on substance, it demands consideration. If it isn’t, it doesn’t. In either case, it doesn’t matter who is doing the yapping.

But don’t mistake my indifference for courage. I could walk away from WND and this blog tomorrow without it costing me anything except negative time. (Not that I plan to do so, it’s just a fact.) But in fairness, even if it’s a cheap integrity, it is a form of integrity nonetheless.