Mailvox: Jamsco enters the fray

And has an unusual request:

The announcement is that a couple weeks ago I created a blog. Please check it out. I hope you find it mildly entertaining and a more than a little theologically challenging. At least that is my hope. Indeed, I have failed one of my primary goals for starting a blog if this is not the case.

So here’s the request. If you would be willing to put me on your blog roll, could you put me in Target Rich Environments? If you’re not sure on whether to grant this request, what might put you over the edge? Want me to talk about how pleased I am, as a home-schooling parent, that Public Schools exist? Can do. Do want me to make nasty remarks about people who spend too much time watching football? I can fit it in.

Do you want me to say that people who say that God doesn’t know the future are speaking He- . . theologically incorrect statements. Consider it done. Want me to say bad stuff about Nate? I’m there (but not SpaceBunny. I am no fool and SpaceBunny’s like a decent person, whereas Nate once called me a hippy. (Yes, it was a hard day for me.))

I also plan on putting in some personal poetry which you (no stranger to verse) might describe as having . . . questionable quality. And I might speak well of Star Trek. And I might trash “Dark is Rising,” as well as point out your startling inconsistency on that matter. You just never know.

Yes, yes I do want you to say bad stuff about Der Hausfrauhrer, but that’s neither here nor there. But the mere fact of Jamsco’s having publicly committed poetry makes his blog, by definition, a Target-Rich Environment.

Request granted.