Mailvox: she’s got nothing

I asked Blondie to explain why the average American woman is better than a halfway-realistic girl robot, and this was the best that she could do:

Anyone who would even pretend to take seriously a suggestion that a robot woman is preferable to a human woman obviously hates women so badly that serious discussion is not possible.

Can it really surprise any of you posters who would prefer a robot to a woman that the girls just don’t seem to like you?

That’s an evasion, it is not an answer. Come on, Blondie, just one reason? You can’t come up with one, solitary little reason why a man must find a woman preferable to a fembot?

That’s interesting, because men and women alike haven’t had any trouble coming up with reasons that fembots would be preferable to the average American woman. It’s not that there aren’t any advantages to the average American woman, it’s just that they are outweighed by those of these hypothetical robot girls.

And since when have women not been attracted to men based on their dangerous opinions or evil behavior? I could eat the president of NOW’s heart live on Fox News, announce the founding of the John Adams Anti-Suffragism Society, then declare my intention of raping every teenage girl in the country, and three months later I’d be sitting in my jail cell perusing dozens of marriage proposals from lovestruck women.

Only men who don’t know anything about women concern themselves with winning female approval in order to attract women. If anything, the approval reduces the attraction.