Mailvox: the force of moral inertia

König fails to grok:

Vox, “The irrationalism of atheism does not refer to its being a faith-based religion… Instead, it refers to the average atheist’s adherence to Christian morality.”

Three paragraphs later, “Christian morality is not the Golden Rule. To love and obey (Christ/Ghost) comes first and foremost”

Two paragraphs after that, “The moral behavior of the average atheist… simply isn’t rational. There is no thought entering the process at all, it is merely unthinking adherence to the herd norms.”

Come on, König, you’ve been around long enough to do better than this. Atheist morality in a traditional Western culture is virtually identical to Christian morality with the excision a few of the sexual mores. But being largely ignorant of the source of these morals, most atheists don’t realize that “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is merely a small, but important subset of Christian morality, it is not even the most important part.

But atheists don’t subscribe to the part of the morality based on the subset alone. They readily recognize “evils” that are not violations of the Golden Rule, but are instead violations of other aspects of Christian morality in its totality, violations of the Will of God. Indeed, the very notion of an improper thought is proof of this as the Golden Rule can only be violated with an action, moreover, I daresay no atheist is willing to grant a rapist a free moral pass on the grounds that he would not object to being raped himself.

This adherence is not rational, it is merely unconscious acquiescence to the human herd mentality. Civilization runs three generations deep. That is the extent of moral inertia.