I laughed, I cried

Much better than CATS. From Scott Adams’ blog, a commenter writes:

You’ve generally been associating with the wrong kind of atheists.

The majority of atheists I’ve met have explored various religions and many have been brought up in one of them. They read religious texts and ask believers about their faiths. They are well-read and do lots of research, and are generally open-minded. They have come to their conclusions logically after exploring the options that they could find, and continue to explore even so.

That is proper, intellectual atheism.

1. (wipes eyes) Oh my, that was FUNNY!

2. And here we’d been repeatedly informed that atheism is NOT a religious faith, it is nothing more than belief that there is no god. And now there’s a proper, intellectual variant? How convenient. No doubt this is how Mao and Pol Pot will be explained away, they were Low Church Atheists, not proper, intellectual High Church Atheists.

3. Given the ignorance of the most basic precepts of Western Christianity demonstrated by nearly every commenter at the Dilbert blog, (to say nothing of the same cluelessness shown by their intellectual heroes Dawkins, Dennett and Harris), this ideal High Church Atheist is spotted about as often as the rare Blue-horned Rainbow Tail is seen in Happy Happy Unicornitopia. One shudders to even think about their profound analyses of the Shinto or Hindu religions.

I mean seriously, that childish “you are an atheist too, I have one less god than you” is simply moronic. There’s no need to delve into assemblies and ruling princes, a basic foundation of Christian theology is right there at the start of the Ten Commandments.

Let’s see if any of these intelligent, highly educated atheists can manage to correctly the following question:

What is the obvious implication of “You shall have no other gods before Me”?

a) there is more than one god
b) it’s okay to have gods after Him
c) but.. but.. [insert long recitation of dictionary definition of monotheism that completely fails to distinguish between BELIEF and WORSHIP]

It’s not the fact that these atheists have literally no clue what they’re talking about that astounds me, it’s the blithe assumption that they are superlatively intelligent and irrefutably correct.