For unicorns, that’ll be 24 percent

The President is sending more troops to Iraq. The President has a New Plan. It’s a New Way Forward. All the commentators who were waxing orgasmic over the Purple Finger a while back are now expressing their newly-renewed, although still cautious optimism that This Time, It Will Work.

Because this time, We’re Really Going to Try. This time We’ll Really Do it Smart. Or something.

The President’s New Way Forward won’t work any better than Mao’s Great Leap did. It should get significantly fewer people killed, though, so at least it has that going for it. But what part of “never reinforce failure” do his generals not understand? And is anyone seriously supposed to believe that 16 percent more troops is going to cross that magical tipping point that separates failure from victory in Iraq, to say nothing of peace, democracy and unicorns?

Anyhow, if you absolutely feel you must embarrass yourself with whatever contrived justification of the President’s actions you have concocted in order to provide post-facto rationalization for your underlying fear of death, at least do us all the courtesy of dispensing with the moron’s signature cry: “but we have tuh do sumthin!”

This is either stage-setting for an American-Israeli strike on Iran, or, as I suspect, the usual last-gasp muscle-flexing that historically precedes a pull-out or surrender.