Anyone for audiobooks?

I was contacted by a guy from an audiobook company and we discussed the possibility of putting out the three novels on audio. I’m not an audiobook guy, so I thought I’d bounce it off you all and see if anyone was a fan of that form of reading.

Also, do you generally prefer a male or female reader? I tend to prefer female myself, which also might make sense given my tendency – which some would no doubt consider ironic – towards writing female protagonists.

Male voices on audiobook always tend to make me think of film trailers. But then, I’d be surprised if I’d listened to more than ten in my life. Anyhow, let me know your thoughts.

Also, I’m pleased to announce, courtesy of the Original Cyberpunk and K, that the first run of The Wrath of Angels has been sold out. We’ll do another run soon, as soon as I fix the typos that have been located and make a few minor changes to the cover.

Changes that do NOT involve Rowena’s lovely women, I should note. And for those of you who bought the books, thank you very much for your support and I do hope you are enjoying them.