VPFL Week 13

76 Newport Sea Dogs
62 East Mesa WhiteTrash

76 West Texas Vikings
51 Burns Montgomerys

71 Mounds View Meerkats
64 Pale Horse Cowboys

55 Mile High Club
46 Santa Barbarians

54 Greenfield Grizzlies
34 COS McRays

Supernaut’s bitter post-game comments made me laugh: “Take a look at your bench. And see Reggie Bush’s 4 TD day wasted away…and then take comfort that were it not for the beating the Chicago Defense gave to the Vikings, you would have lost to EQ and I.”

It’s hardly a waste when you win. Of course I wouldn’t be winning without the Chicago D, although I think Peyton Manning, Jeff Wilkins and Fast Willie have also performed very well for me this season. But then, erhaps that’s why I drafted Chicago two rounds before anyone else bothered to pick up a defense.

“So where you cheering or jeering when the Bears INT Brad Johnson 4 times, or sacked Bollinger or forced TJ to fumble? Because other than Chicago, the rest of your roster did JACK.”

I don’t know if I would say “JACK” considering the rest of my roster still tied the Barbarians, outscored the McRays, and that’s without Reggie’s 31 points. As for your question, I was neither cheering nor jeering, only wincing. I take no pleasure in any Vikings loss, although the 25 points was a definite silver lining.

And yes, WB, you are welcome for your current first place position….