Color me uninterested

Yeah, I don’t think so:

The dream of a libertarian-liberal alliance has been a staple of libertarian strategizing forever. Lindsey’s boss, Ed Crane, has trotted it out every few years since Cato was founded in the ‘70s. Before Crane, it was a bedrock precept of Murray Rothbard, the true mastermind of American libertarianism. Rothbard adopted this strategy around 1950.

The hinge of the strategy is something Lindsey doesn’t discuss: foreign policy. Rothbard’s foreign policy trademark was radical non-interventionism – WWII, WWI, Viet Nam, Civil War, Cold War, doesn’t matter. He was opposed to all of them. The idea of liberals aligning with libertarians is based on their common hostility to American foreign policy. That was true in 1950, and it’s true today.

It’s a strategy as foolish as it is unprincipled. Liberals, in the modern America sense of the word, FAVOR GOVERNMENT EXPANSION. Foreign adventurism is a very good way to justify this, which is why liberals such as Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Bill Clinton have been every bit as exo-interventionist as faux conservatives George Bush, George W. Bush and Richard Nixon.

There is no grand alliance that will bring libertarians into power. Too many people love government and its seductive promises at this time. The only thing to do is to continue to seek the truth and speak the truth as best one understands it.