Random notes

1. Opening up the back of my car in London and seeing the back of someone’s head in the driver’s seat. “Excuse me, what are you doing in my car?” It seems he was after the DVD player, but the situation was resolved amicably enough.

2. “It’s just a publicity stunt….” Those who say this haven’t been paying attention to the publishing industry of late. If you want to get published, your four best options are a) release a sex tape, b) get very, very large breast implants, or c) become a very successful professional athlete, d) get that rapping career started.

Selling books these days has virtually nothing to do with the writing.

3. A word of warning for those who ordered or were thinking of ordering a certain little book. The quality on the first run is somewhat disappointing, as the printer made two mistakes. The book is not perfect-bound but bound like a magazine, and the illustrations follow the text, they aren’t on facing pages. Just FYI. On the other hand, the illustrations are really cute. These things will be corrected on the second run.

4. The NFL Game Pass is a must if you’re on the road. However, do mind your start time. The 24 hours viewing period expired just after Romo hit Whitten with thirty seconds left in the Dallas-New York game, shutting off the video stream. I think people are harsher on Manning than he deserves, but man, Romo is impressive. I found myself thinking of Elway with those deep rollout passes downfield, especially that last one in the clutch.

5. 5110 3Dmark06. Yeah, baby. Oh yeah. That’s not a laptop, that’s a lapdance.