But Saks lets me take stuff back!

The womyn are hysterical over this one:

Feminist blogs are all posting on this alarming development—an appellate court in Maryland has declared that their law in unambigious and once a woman gives consent to have sex, she can’t withdraw it. Which of course makes one wonder: If you’re having sex with someone and you tell them to stop and they force you to continue, what makes them if not a rapist? The opinion has the background as to why once consent is given, it can’t be withdrawn.

Because, of course, it’s terrible Patriarchal oppression to expect a woman to be responsible for any decision she has made. If a woman can’t change her mind about anything, at any time, she’s being abused. And yet, a man is expected to continue to financially support a woman even after he – or she – has decided to no longer be married to her.

It really shouldn’t be hard for womyn to understand why so many men regard them as quasi-children unworthy of any respect. If you can’t be held responsible for anything and can’t even manage to provide yourself with food, shelter and clothing, you’re not only not an equal, you’re not even an adult.

UPDATE – on a tangential note, JR points us to the latest outrage that has strong, independent Canadian feminists swooning on their fainting couches:

Feminists like Black and Alphabet demand equal treatment with men — until the going gets tough. And then they fall back and demand to be treated like “ladies” again. Too frail and vulnerable, and ultimately just “too good,” by virtue of being female, to be called bad names.

Equality can be a bitch.