Mailvox: somebody is getting worried

LP tries to change the subject:

You state “an estimated 89.2 percent of all the wars in history were fought for reasons unrelated to religion.” Of course religion not only is at the root of many wars, but just as importantly, religion is what galvanizes the masses to fight wars –God is on our side etc. etc.–Stalin and Hitler exploited religion in such a way.

You can disagree with Harris, Dawkins and Dennett but to attack them as clowns is to undermine your otherwise silly argument.

As for your supernatural beliefs –prove them. Take your best argument for god(s) and plug in ANY entity (pink unicorns, Santa or the tooth fairy –you name it) and your argument will be just as persuasive and wrong.

As I stated, religion is actually at the root of very few wars in recorded history. Take Islam out of the equation and you’re left with a few more wars than the number caused by international soccer. (Seriously.) If you wish to take exception to my statement, I encourage you to examine the evidence of the 500 wars I reviewed and make your case against it. Furthermore, religion is not what “galvanizes the masses”, nationalism is. If that were true, conscription and pay would be unnecessary, as evidenced by the Crusades, where the martial motivations were often genuinely religious.

It’s not a question of disagreeing with the three clowns – you’d probably be surprised how much I tend to agree with Dawkins on various subjects – only pointing out their obvious factual and logical errors in their respective cases against religion in general and the Christian God in particular.

I have no need to prove my supernatural beliefs to LP or anyone else. Yes, the burden is on me if I wish to convince them to accept my beliefs, but that is not my purpose in writing these columns. My purpose is merely to demonstrate the way in which Harris, Dawkins and Dennet all fall very short of their stated goals.