The object lessons continue

This is amusing… mostly because the majority of women who read it are going to get upset about the perceived criticism rather than considering its relevancy to their lives and modifying their behavior accordingly:

Women can be real idiots. Just hear me out: I’ve been watching friend after friend go down in flames, and I’m not talking about being burned at the stake in stoic glory. It doesn’t seem to matter how beautiful they are, how smart, how strong, or powerful. The bottom line is we’re submissive by nature.

I’m almost thinking the more powerful or smart a woman is, the more confused and frustrated she gets by her instinct to submit. She tries to feign control over the situation, tries to analyze it, and tries to find reason in something that is entirely innate. The almost funny part is we girls are all so good at telling each other what to do only to turn around and make the exact same mistakes ourselves….

Then we women take our stupidity a step further and try to analyze these bad situations we’ve willingly put ourselves in. We talk all the live-long day, writing these novel-length emails. (If I spent even half as much time on my book as I did on these e-mails, I would have published at least four books by now.) We talk on the phone for hours and cry in our beers during girls night out, all the while checking our cell phones every five seconds to see if he left a voice mail or sent a text message.

The best is when we’re like, “What do you think he’s thinking?” or “What do you think it means when he said this or did that?” Meanwhile, the guy is somewhere at that exact moment, thinking about being hungry or wanting a beer or wondering which game is playing that night on TV. These guys are not the complicated creatures we make them out to be.

The last line is the money quote. Men are much more straightforward creatures than women seem to want to admit, even the lying Lotharios blatantly telegraph their intentions to anyone who is paying attention. Sex, support, smiles and silence will do the trick for almost any man, although you may need to throw suds and sustenance in there for the working class fellows.

The fundamental problem that I see is that most women hate making decisions even more than your average man does, but in modern American society, they no longer have anyone making significant decisions or often even reasonable recommendations for them. Instead of Mom and Dad telling her to marry the young college grad with a job, a house and a car, they’re patting her on the back and telling her that they just want her to be happy while she’s going down on the unemployed, uneducated wanna-be-but-never-will rock star as an unwitting appetizer to his post-date appointment with his alternate girlfriend.

Q: What’s he thinking about?
A: Not you.

This isn’t to say that guys can’t be complete morons about women, of course. I can’t believe the number of times I have had to tell grown men that it is not completely unheard of for a woman to allow a falsehood to cross her lips.

But whether they want to admit it or not, women are submissive and they are happiest when they allow themselves to live in accordance with their submissive nature, preferably with a dominant male.