Another view of the Nyhan defenestration

From Spruill on the NR media blog:

Brendan Nyhan has written an account of his short-lived tenure as a media blogger for The American Prospect. According to Nyhan, he faced a choice: Limit your criticism to conservatives or hit the road. He chose the latter.

My personal observation is that left-wing blogs and online media are somewhat less open to intra-ideological criticism than their right-wing counterparts, although the way in which the bigger media names tend to avoid unmoderated comments appears to reflect more of a trans-ideological liking for empty praise and echo chambers than anything else.

In fair counterpoint, however, I have to mention that a conservative publishing house which had previously been very enthusiastic about my book “Media Whores” and signed me to a book contract did a 180 and paid me to go away when they learned that I was targeting Bill “Al Qaida has marked me for death!” O’Reilly, Michelle “Fiver” Malkin and a few others in addition to the various left-wing figures on the whores list.

Conservatives should probably think twice before throwing any stones on this one.