The great inter-species war has begun

As if the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism wasn’t enough, I note the sinister connection between these two violent incidents:

A graduate student from the University of Central Florida remains missing Saturday after he was pulled underwater by a large sea turtle, according to Local 6 News. Officials said Boyd Lyon, 35, vanished Thursday afternoon about three miles north of the Sebastian Inlet and 400 yards out to sea, sheriff’s officials said.

Less lethal, but potentially more disturbing news, reaches us from the Florida front:

Residents in Winter Park, Fla., are angered over the city’s response to a squirrel that attacked at least seven people this month, according to a report. The squirrel attacks happened at Winter Park’s Central Park over the last several days. A 3-year-old boy was bitten by the animal several times and has a two-inch wound on his leg, according to the report. Another child was reportedly bitten on his calf and a man sitting on a park bench was attacked by the squirrel. He suffered a bite and scratches on his arm…. City employees captured the animal this week. Winter Park received notice from the Florida Department of Health Epidemiology stating that the results on the squirrel were negative for rabies.

The key words there are “negative for rabies”. Clearly, this was a premeditated attack and undoubtedly we can expect Sciurufascist extremists to attempt taking human hostages in an effort to free their captured treehadist.