Beating the draft drum

Bill O’Reilly is one of the first faux conservatives to begin banging:

The United States needs a new strategy to deal with this ominous threat. Slugging it out in Iraq may be necessary, but there might be another way. President Bush needs to level with the American people and begin putting this country on a war footing. That means a limited draft and a major commitment to defense. The president needs to shake things up and get people’s attention.

I find it truly absurd that some commentators think that people will take the war seriously when the politicians don’t. Very few countries in history have ever allowed citizens of enemy countries to roam around freely, so the warmongers had better understand that until the politicians address immigration, no one will believe that they are serious about making war.

Any bets on how long that proposed “limited draft” would remain limited? Anyhow, America’s smaller families will not countenance a draft, even if several cities are bombed. In such a scenario, most parents still will not assent to putting their only sons at risk on the ground as they’ll vastly prefer to see enemy cities nuked first.