Neocons and neoconservatism

Goldberg considers Fukuyama on NRO:

So the great irony is this: In Fukuyama’s telling, the new neoconservatism of Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan emerges as in many respects the opposite of the old neoconservatism of Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz. This younger generation, which never went through a disillusionment-migration cycle from Left to Right, simply never internalized the lessons of being deeply wrong about something truly important.

Good piece, I wish I’d written the first half of it. It’s interesting to see how Fukuyama pinpoints the Leninism of the current Republican administration; it’s the same reason I refer to them as World Demokratic Revolutionists.

As for the latter half, since I support neither neoconservatism nor neocons, I regard the difference as being trivial and primarily a matter of varying enthusiasm for the use of government force.