Mailvox: two takes on today’s column

LW is impressed:

Your column makes me shudder. It sounds like a liberal leftist propaganda to make us give up our will and allow enemies to rule us. But you present sound facts and reasonable interpretation. In that, I hear shades of Jeremiah, and understand better (all the time) how his contemporaries could brand him a traitor to God and country. Nevertheless, he was presenting truth, and exhorted them to repentance so they could follow God’s plan and truly succeed for Him.

Glen from AOL, on the other hand, not so much:

Your grasp of military history is bunk. Technologically advanced societies defeat less advanced societies nearly every time. That is why Europe dominated the world for the past 700 years, why English is the international language spoken at every airport control tower, why the dollar and Euro are the international currencies why Israel exists and why this is the year 2006.

You pick a few categories of weapons where the Germans were superior in World War II, but they were not the important categories that won the war. Big deal. So what the if Germans had better machine guns, submarines, tanks and rockets that were superior to ours? Assuming that theirs were superior in quality, they were inferior in quantity and they did not have four-engine bombers, long-range fighter escorts, aircraft carriers, or good airborne radars that could locate submarines at night. They wasted their effort developing rockets that were so inaccurate that they could barely hit London and had nothing like the P-51 Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator or the B-29 Superfortress (with or without atomic bombs).

If we have the weaker horse, it is because we have too many liberals, pacifists and isolationist conservatives like you.

Yes, those Messerschmitt 262s and 163Bs had nothing on the American prop jobbies. And I’m curious to know why the Germans would have concerned themselves with hunting submarines when their surface navy was confined to port for most of the war. As for the Euro, I’ll just leave it to Glen to discover for himself what currency was weighted the most heavily when it was created.

As for the weaker horse, pointing fingers doesn’t even begin to change the fact that national will, let alone hemispheric will, to win the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism simply does not exist. Why it doesn’t exist and who is responsible is almost completely beside the point.