The free pass

The number of men in here who seem to think that marriage gives a man a certain amount of ownership over women is going into my growing Marriage Sucks For Straight Women file. Congrats! Men who think that they have ownership over their wives’ bodies have forsaken their right to said wives’ honest communication.

And, as the White Buffalo astutely pointed out, wives who think they have no ownership over their husband’s bodies abandon any right to protest his decision to insert any part of his body into another woman, or anything else, for that matter. It’s his body, after all, why on Earth would she have any say over what he does with it if he has none regarding her body.

It’s strange, especially in light of how so many women simultaneously hold the position that marriage gives a woman a certain amount of ownership over his possessions. How does Cthulhu’s Coven explain those claims in the apparent absence of any male claims on the married woman? Furthermore, Amynda is expressing an overtly anti-Christian point of view, as the Bible is quite clear on the fact that the husband holds a claim on the woman’s body, and the wife holds a claim on the man’s body. Since these claims are given voluntarily, even an atheist libertarian couldn’t possibly object to them.

The intellectual poverty of these mental midgets is truly astounding. But amusing, it’s always amusing. One merely wonders what is wrong with those young women who actually find this sort of thing to be persuasive.