This is so fake

I wonder what they’ll turn out to be selling. It stinks of viral marketing:

It’s a personal message for everyone to read. Thanks goes out to my husband who chipped in on the price tag. Golly gee honey, I would’ve never been able to tell the world about your exploits with my best friend without your contribution! Gotta love joint bank accounts. Oh, sorry Steve, I had to splurge on the lights, too. Some people work late, like you. And they’re always driving home when it’s dark. Burning that midnight oil, Steve-o. Just like you.

So for the next two weeks, starting with today, I will exact revenge on my whoring husband. And who knows what a disparaged woman with lots of resources at her disposal might do?!

It’s always interesting to see how difficult it is to convincingly write in a false voice. A good fiction writer can do it at times, but most people can’t. Anger, in particular, is difficult to write persuasively. I was sure that this whole thing was a fake after watching the video, as the two people clearly appeared to be actors and I don’t know how any private investigator would manage to get that near-upskirt shot at the restaurant without them noticing, but even the text of the purported billboard rang false.

UPDATE – apparently my BS detector is in good working order.