A gentle correction

In which a mild admonition is administered to Zapata King:

And then there’s Vox. He’s allows dissent, but he does make sport of his readers. Here he’s getting rather brutal with Jonathan Birge. This, though, could just be a case of him casting stones at the high and mighty. It all depends on who is attacking who. The little guy should be given more lattitude in how he can attack the big guy. So, is this a case of equals attacking each other, or, as they say, is their asymmetry involved? Either way, we can assume that Dr. Jonathan Birge regreted his decision to send Vox an email.

Notice, though, the use of one of Vox’s favorite words. I hate that word, and I never use it to refer to women. Vox, on the other hand, uses it very often to refer to women. That’s one reason Vox Day is a punk. But punk is a soft insult to Vox, or not even an insult to Vox. His former days were the life of a punk.

Yes, punk is not so much the insult to any aficionado of William Gibson or the Original Cyberpunk his own bad self. And while I’m less openly enamored of the essential ethos of punk, Do It Yourself, most days I still live by it.

My blog creed is clear: thou shalt criticize in the mode which thou shalt receive criticism. (I except punctuation and grammar, as I simply don’t possess the Pan-Gargler’s innovative, free-associating approach to such things required to respond to him in like manner.)

In any event, I must take exception to Zapata King’s assertion that I use the word “bitch” very often to refer to women. The truth is that I usually use it to refer to men. When I wish to slur a woman, I refer to her as a “feminist”.

We shall eagerly await word of an appropriate edit. We apologize if the strong language or adult subject matter contained herein has offended any tender sensibilities. No animals were harmed during the production of this post.

Vox Popoli is an Equal Opportunity Offender.