What are you hiding?

One thing I don’t understand is the point of putting a Sitemeter counter on your website, then hiding the results from the public. I mean, do you honestly think that it escapes anyone’s attention that only three people have left a comment on your blog that week? Or that your shameless link-whoring and resultant evolution in the TTLB ecosystem will cause people to miss the fact that ten blogs link to you for every reader that visits your blog?

It doesn’t concern me that I’m only a lowly #733 these days. Considering that I’m not even the 733rd most popular novelist in the SFWA, that’s not so bad considering the grand sweep of the blogosphere. And if it mystifies me that so many people prefer the blogs of Malkin or Kos to mine, well, one has only to look at the third party vote totals to realize that what is on offer here is of limited appeal.

There’s nothing wrong with hiding your site stats, of course, it just seems like a rather strange thing to go out of your way to do.