Thanks, gentlemen

The Good Fraters make a few recommendations in the course of being interviewed by Bloggasm:

Simon Owens: What are the five blogs you’d recommend to supplement the reading of your own?

Fraters Libertas: Nihilist in Golf Pants: A little too PC at times, but still one of the overall funnier blogs.

Yucky Salad With Bones: Like Erma Bombeck on Meth.

First Things: Restoring the Christian intellectual tradition one day at a time.

Vox Day: Whether you’re on the Left or the Right, Vox will drive you crazy on a regular basis. He’ll also make you think.

The Evangelical Outpost: An evangelical Marine who writes on some of the most intellectually taxing philosophical issues of the day with humor and humility? If Joe only drank, he would own the keys to the blogosphere kingdom. Or he might post one a month at Fraters.

In all fairness, the evidence suggests that I’ve only driven one person crazy. She was a grad student I dated my sophmore year of college who wound up in a psychiatric institution about a year later. Interestingly enough, she was only woman I’ve ever dated who was definitely more intelligent than I am, which tends to support my theory that the higher your IQ, the more likely it is that your grasp on reality will be a little shakier than the norm as well.

Anyhow, it’s nice to know that the guys still enjoy swinging by despite my frequent apostasy from collective right-wing blogma.