Blogfodder: Evil Bender redefines humor

Because slavery isn’t funny. Except when it is:

I probably shouldn’t do Vox Popoli the credit of a link, but this is so heinous that I couldn’t help myself. I know that he likes to troll his own blog for hits, but when you suggest that Slavery is funny, and say “As for the sex slavery, if feminists are so concerned about it, then let them end it,” well, then you’re an immoral bastard and a terrible human being….

There’s more to say here, on subjects raising from Vox’s firm belief that “Judeo-Christian” culture is the solution (to a problem he mocks), to his idea that somehow women trapped in Slavery have “worked so hard to advance it.” But, frankly, he isn’t even worth that level of detailed analysis.

1. How does one troll one’s own blog? Anyhow, what frightens people like Evil Blender isn’t that I’m a troll, it’s that they know I often mean what I’m saying. And in this case, I absolutely did. It’s increasingly looking like the burqah or the brothel, baby.

2. Who is Evil Blender to say what is and is not funny? And if you don’t find humor in the notion of rampant sex slavery throughout the equalitarian, feminized New West to be funny, well, you probably think Alanis Morrisette is ironic and should look for your laughs in American sitcom hijinks.

3. If Evil Blender is devoted to evil as his nomenclature suggests, then is my “terrible” Judeo-Christian “immorality” actually good? What is the basis of his morality from which he pronounces judgment? And if the Judeo-Christian ethic that ended the nineteenth century slave trade is not a potential solution for the new slavery problem, what ethic is, considering that the slavery is taking place in the environment of post-Christian secularism to which most American opponents of Judeo-Christianity subscribe? What would Evil Blender suggest instead, perhaps the Hindu tradition home to thuggee and suttee?

4. He could do that level of detailed analysis, but it’s just not worth it. Now, where have I heard that before?

5. Who is this false Lizard Queen? She’d better take care lest the real beast take notice of this trespass upon her demense.