The Democracy Debacle

From Debka:

On March 17, DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s intelligence sources in Baghdad revealed as a result of a discreet scan that almost 130 of the 275 candidates the Shiite Alliance posted for the December election were connected in some way or other with, or on the payroll of, the Iranian bodies pulling the wires of Iraqi politics from across the border.

Six Iraqi lawmakers elected on the United Iraqi Alliance ticket were identified as undercover “amid” officers – brigadier-generals – of the Iranian revolutionary guards and intelligence service. They used political fronts to disguise their undercover missions on behalf of the Islamic republic.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly reveals the names and functions of those six Iraqi politicians-cum-Iranian brigadier generals.

Abu Muchtabi Sari – former secretary general of the Iraqi Hizballah.

Abu Hassan Al Amari – the last commander of the Badr Force at its base in Iran.

Abu Mahdi al Muhandis – former Badr Force officer.

Rajah Alwan – former Badr Force officer.

Dager Moussawi – Head of the Lord of the Martyrs Movement, which Iran’s military intelligence established in the Shiite regions of central and southern Iraq. (Lord in the Shiite sense refers to the holy Imam Hussein)

Tahsin Aboudi – a high-ranking Iraqi interior ministry official, under which cover – and as an Iraqi member of parliament – he is an undercover brigadier general of Iran’s external intelligence service, which is operated by the foreign ministry in Tehran.

Obviously, the primary problem in Iraq is the insufficient enthusiasm of the American media for nation building…. It is amazing what lengths some commentators will go in order to cling to their preconceived notions about the essential goodness, wisdom and munificence of the present administration.

And look at me, part of the problem, talking about the bad news of electing Iranian intelligence officers while not even mentioning how ecstatically wonderful it is that a government school was built yesterday.

Sure, the invasion of the American Southwest continues apace, but at least we are installing an Iranian puppet government in Baghdad. I think it’s settled now that Jorge Bush is a worse president than Billy Jeff Clinton, if only because the expectations were significantly higher. After six years of Jorge’s foreign adventurism and domestic debacles, the idea of an executive branch paralyzed for two years by Congressional investigations of petty felonies and misdemeanors suddenly looks pretty good, doesn’t it? You certainly don’t hear much talk about how “Reaganesque” Jorge is these days.