You have to admire a man who dreams big

ESPN’s Daily Quickie beats an intriguing drum:

While I’m making radical suggestions, there’s never been a better time to make my annual argument:

Expand the NCAA Tournament to all 334 teams.

(1) End conference tournaments: With every team in the Big Dance, there’s no need for them anymore. The first half of the new, all-in tournament will replace them — and improve on them.

(2) Give the top 32 teams byes: If everyone is invited to the tournament, qualifying for seeding in the 32-team “bye” pool would become the incentive to shoot for as a reward for a superior season.

(3) Create a “Little Dance”: The remaining 302 teams are seeded into a 1-week, 4-round frenzy that cuts that field to 32 teams, which are seeded into matchups with the Top 32.

Yes, I do like this idea very much indeed. (Meanwhile, the WB just dropped to his knees and began weeping with joy.) Of course, it would end American productivity as we know it, but so what? If you’re going out anyhow, why not go out having a blast?