Brokeback backfire

Somewhere, the White Buffalo is chuckling:

Fans of No. 5 Gonzaga have been asked to stop yelling “Brokeback Mountain” at opposing players. The reference to the recent movie about homosexual cowboys was chanted by some fans during Monday’s game against Saint Mary’s, and is apparently intended to suggest an opposing player is gay.

The chants were the subject of several classroom discussions over the past week, and the faculty advisers for the Kennel Club booster group urged students this week to avoid “inappropriate chants” during the Bulldogs’ Saturday game against Stanford, which was nationally televised on ESPN.

First, it’s a movie about homosexual shepherds. Although I suppose it’s asking a bit much to hope the Brokeback enthusiasts in the media to get it straight. Anyhow, this confirms my theory about the utter pointlessness of political correctness. Since the insult is in the content, not the label, changing the label doesn’t make any difference with regards to the contempt expressed and perceived.

And it’s strange that the chant should be interpreted as an insult, or even a reference to homosexuality, considering how we were all repeatedly informed that the movie was not about gays, but was merely a love story. And since, we are informed, gay is good, then how can anyone object to publicly celebrating a basketball player’s lifestyle choice?

Anyhow, I’m amused that the PC crew at Gonzaga – “senior Callie Monroe wrote a column calling the chants a case of ‘outright discrimination.'” – has seen fit to bring this most excellent slur to the nation’s attention. Because I guarantee you’re going to be hearing it at high schools, NFL games and at March Madness from now on.

Broke-back Moun-tain, clap, clap, clap-clap-clap, Broke-back Moun-tain. As the Sports Guy would say, good times.

And while we’re on the topic of college basketball, beware the Bison!