Not exactly a hard one

Veronique de Rugy answers her own question on NRO:

So which speech should we believe: The small-government or big-government speech? Do we believe the message of budget restraint from the White House or the calls for spending increases on the president’s favored programs? The track record does not leave much room for optimism. In the last five years, total spending has risen 40 percent — a figure larger than Clinton’s two terms combined. Moreover, real discretionary spending increases in FY2002, FY2003, FY2004, and FY2005 are 4 of the 10 biggest annual increases in the last 40 years.

The president may be a domestic disaster, but at least he’s bringing democracy to places like Iraq and Palestine. Because if Hamas and a new Shiite government doesn’t add up to a brave new world ahead, well, I don’t know what does.

Aren’t you excited that the Three Monkey’s Dear Leader harbors a desire to bring it to Zimbabwe as well now? It seems to be working so well in South Africa, after all.

The funny thing is that the ad headline on NRO said A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT IS ESSENTIAL! For what, I ask. For what, exactly?