Mailvox: to the editors

LL is a big fan:

I read Vox Day’s Commentary “Beating he War Drum”. I was discusted by it. I used to think this man was a Christian, and I linked to his commentary on the Narnia Chronicles” in my blog, but after reading “Beating The War Drum”. I have no use for this man!

I hope youu will drop him because he isnot a Christian and he doesn’t have a clue about the post 911 era we live in, nor does he have a clue about the iblical times we live in. He is very sophomoric.

I can’t believe this man could suggest we wait for Iran to nuke Israel before we do something or that we should wait for Iran to give nukes to terrorist cells in USA or Europe, or that we should allow Iran to destroy USA with a EMP weapon fired from a freighter off our coast.

He is still asleep in a pre 911 paradigm, he knows nothing about Bibilical prophecy nor the biblical times we live in, he is antisemitic, he is a Bush hater, he is stupid.

Why is he allowed on your website?

I laughed, I cried, much better than Cats. It seems the definition of anti-semitism has been broadened to include insufficient enthusiasm for unprovoked attacks on Israel’s enemies.

Here’s a simple question for you. If Iran making threats against Israel justifies the USA preemptively attacking Iran, aren’t the USA’s threats against Iran similar justification for anyone else who wishes to attack the USA? If not, do please explain your reasoning.