A thirteen in fourteen chance

That your public-schooled kid won’t be abused by an adult:

A US Department of Education study released last year found that 7 per cent of pupils were victims of physical or sexual abuse by teachers or other school employees. Of those, 22 per cent were abused by a woman.

The odds are quite good that your kid won’t be abused by an adult at school. But if you factor in abuse by fellow students – which would be perhaps three times as likely, just to make a rough guess – then you’re looking at nearly a quarter of kids being forced to deal with this sort of thing. Suddenly, those odds don’t look so great.

You can certainly defend rolling the dice with the “that which does not kill me makes me stronger” theory, but then, I suppose homeschooling parents could always hire someone to swing by once a month and punch their kids too. I wonder what Child Protective Services would make of that?