Blogfodder: libertarian-imposed rape

Another splash for the absinthe-deprived:

Apparently, women can be “partially responsible” for being raped. Since Vox says date rape doesn’t exist, I guess that dating is in and of itself a damning activity that might give rise to this partial responsibility. This is the problem with the notion that women can be blamed for, even “partially,” for rape, is that there is absolutely no limit to the demands that rape apologists will put on women if women want to absolve their responsibility. If a woman can be responsible for rape, that means women can’t drink. They can’t walk anywhere at night. They can’t ever enter the apartment of another male. They can’t ever allow a male to enter their apartment. They can never wear skirts above the knee. They can never wear any tight-fitting clothing. They can never have consensual sex with someone they are not married, to, since apparently having consensual sex with one or two men means you want to have sex with them all. They can never kiss a man (“why did you kiss him if you didn’t want to have sex with him?”), flirt with a man, make obvious eye contact with a man, talk to a man they don’t know, allow a man to walk her home, be alone with a man. They can’t take public transportation in any city where crime is common. They must always be under the watchful eye of a brother, father or husband. Oh, but wait, let’s not forget that women are raped by their brothers, fathers, and husbands every day.

As Camille Paglia points out, you’ve got your freedom now, baby! At least, you do with regards to this subject. And what that means that you’ve got all the risk that is inherent with sexual liberty. If you want to cliff-dive, you can do it, but do so in the recognition that you just might break your neck. Sure, the chances that going to that nice fraternity boy’s room means that you’ll end up with your skin decorating a lampshade are slim, but you just bumped them up a notch. Here’s a question for OOA: is it possible for someone to be partially responsible for their purse getting stolen? If so, then how is it impossible for someone to be partially responsible for getting raped?

Assigning women responsibility for rape is a game that always, always end in a further perpetuation of the rape culture.

As I pointed out in my column today, there is quite a bit of evidence that suggests refusing to assign women responsibility for their actions not only perpetuates rape, but increases the number of rapes committed per 100,000 population.

So, what are women to do, then? Hope and pray that neither Vox nor any of his legion of worshipppers ever get ahold of any political power.

Yes, because libertarians are just ITCHING to get at the reins of central government power in order to rape, pillage and plunder the masses. Need another example of the female tendency towards fascism? It appears that OOA can’t even contemplate the notion of having political power and not using it to force your views on others.

Sometimes I feel like a wild animal standing outside a cage, looking at the tame animals within. There’s enough of them there to force the cage door open, but they just stand there, looking at me as if I’m insane.

“Open the damn door!” I tell them. “You can leave.”

“But, but, but what would we do then? No one would tell us what to do! No one would make the bad ones behave!”

“No one makes them behave now. Anyhow, so what, you’d be free. You should be free!”

“But what if something bad happened. What if someone raped us?”

“You’re getting raped now! At least if you were free, you could run away. You could defend yourself!”

“No… I can’t… you’re crazy!”

Perhaps. Aber die Gedanken, sie sind immer frei.