That cracking sound

Several years ago, Robert Prechter predicted that President Bush would likely leave office early under a cloud based on his theory of how market movements serve as a reasonable measure of mass emotion. Now, like every market analyst, Prechter has been wrong more often than he’s been right, but the sheer brass of that prediction at a time when Bush was riding very high in the polls made it very memorable. I mention it now because of the mysterious malaise that seems to be surrounding the current White House of late, especially in light of how the mainstream media – in the form of George Stephanopolous on ABC – recently mentioned for the first time the possibility that both the President and the Vice-President have already been indicted.

Some of you may recall that I mentioned this potential indictment once before, as it’s a piece of information that’s been floating around the more conspiracy-minded parts of the blogosphere for about a month. If memory serves me correctly, the indictments have been made by a Chicago prosecutor and have the potential to cripple the present administration far more seriously than Clinton’s during the Lewinsky affair. If this turns out to be the case, I expect that both Bush and Cheney will be forced to resign, as there’s no way they could continue in office during “wartime”.

These indictments may also explain explain, in part, the president’s sudden desire to find an excuse, any excuse, for declaring martial law. I don’t believe he’ll have the nerve to do it, but the notion has been brought up so often since Katerina that it’s beginning to sound more than a little like a trial balloon. I readily admit that i’s quite possible I’m seeing patterns that aren’t actually there, but then, who would have ever thought that an overweight, unattractive young woman would have a DNA sample from a popular president in her possession. Anyhow, where’s the fun in only looking at the obvious and the undeniable.

Interesting times, my friends, interesting times.