A heartfelt thanks to Ms Steinhem and company

Freewheeling young women in the United States and Canada first have intercourse at the age of 15, partake more in oral sex than previous generations and are far less prudish, according to a landmark new report by researchers at California’s San Diego State University.

Between 1943 and 1999, the age of first intercourse dropped to 15 from 19 for females, while the percentage of sexually active young women rose to 47 percent from just 13 percent in 1943, according to the study that appears in the most recent issue of the Review of General Psychology.

If there’s still any doubt as to who won the sexual revolution, this should clinch it. On the one hand, men face declining real wages and a court system that actively discourages them from marrying. On the other, there’s a never-ending supply of hot young lovelies eager to roll over on command for the first alpha male they encounter.

Sure, it’s a complete disaster from the moral, spiritual and historical perspectives and the lovelies are showing an appalling tendency to beef up far too fast, but from the average red-blooded male American’s very short-term point of view, it’s hard to see a whole lot of downside. Throw in birth control, breast implants, fast CPUs, the NFL Sunday Ticket and free Internet porn, and it’s apparent that history has never known a more wildly hedonistic time to be a young man.

My friend’s German cousin, overcome with pure masculine delight, may have said it best upon the occasion of his second visit to the United States. “I love zee American bitches!”

We are so doomed….