Speaking of fraud

The Flem-file writes of Michael Vick, the greatest QB ever:

I recently had a long conversation with Falcs QB coach Mike Johnson, who assured me that Vick was 1) working on his checkdowns, something that’s vital to the West Coast because with coverage zones swamped, those late release guys are usually unaccounted for; 2) working on his footwork in the pocket and; 3) working on his defensive recognition. Then the first three things I saw him do against the Colts and Ravens were 1) run out of the pocket with a checkdown wide open in the flat; 2) bounce in his stance at the end of his drop instead of getting rid of the ball when his back foot hit the turf and; 3) look absolutely befuddled by the stunts and fronts devised for him by Baltimore.

Now, Mike can do all of the above, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. So it has become a matter of whether or not he wants to, whether or not he chooses to. He’s already a great quarterback. But if he can’t take the next step as a passer, he’s only pretending to be a transcendent talent.

It’s not all about the athletics… it’s not all about the athletics… it’s not all about the athletics.

What I’ve said about McNabb goes for Vick three times over. But Flem is wrong. Vick is not a great quarterback, he is a great athlete who is a barely passable quarterback. It is possible that he will become a great quarterback, but I think it rather unlikely.