An inadvertant ray of light

NRO accidentally tells the truth:

The pictures from Gaza are wrenching: children crying and trying to push away the Israeli soldiers — some of them also in tears — who have arrived to chase them from their homes. On the other hand, they are heartening too. This is a civilized, democratic society at work. Prime Minister Sharon’s decision to pull out of Gaza represents the lawful will of the Israeli majority, and it will not be frustrated by a minority, no matter how passionate or committed.

So, Sharon ran for office by promising no territorial concessions of any kind. He won. Once in office, he reversed his position over the vehement protests of his own party and cabinet ministers.

As much-betrayed conservative Republicans know, this is exactly how a civilized democratic society works. The politicians lie, the people fall for the lies, and the politicians go on to do whatever they like in office under the cover of their fraudulently obtained public approval.