Mailvox: A Proud Liberal defends women’s rights

Proud Liberal Man demonstrates his rudimentary grasp of the language:

The only evil is this recent composition of yours. “vanilla minded commentators?” more then likely just a smarmy-unhip white boy trying to distance himself from is culture. “Customary for women to immediately reject any assertion that womens rights are wrong?” How about when a silver spoon hate filled little ultra conservative starts spouting off on what he thinks are original and thoughtful insights. “I very much like women” yeah and I bet you have black friends too, and call them bro. The intelligent women I know are not lamenting but making substantive life choices, albeit they dont follow your capital-communist loving ideals. And unlike generations before her, she does’nt have to put up with a shit kicking lout that swarms in your lineage, where she needed permission to purchase a house or get a credit card. Feminzation of the Courts? thats a good one, Unless you mean that to your chagrin that more women are becoming lawyers and judges. You hardly know your history o f marriage as a financial contract if you think it was beneficial to both. It was always favorable to the male by law. Paternal responsiblity for the young females? you must mean some of the southern stalwarts that have incest or rape of the underage girls..or would that be that grand old roman catholic church that has permanently destroyed the belief of god in a multitude of girl childern? The present need for women to work outside of the home is the Conservative(libertarian republican) love affair with communist china and their espoused cry of “free trade”. So your afraid that europe is’nt reproducing fast enough eh? To bad white boy, whether you are liberal or conservative, we are going to outnumber you very soon..Hows your spanish..better yet, have you brushed up on your ebonics? Unborn baby girls are being aborted because the male is elevated to a small deity status..The problem in china started in the early seventies due to the attempt at populatin control..(tsk,’ ll never be big as karl the turdblossem if you dont get at least your grain of truth right) I hardly think a womens personal choice is murder, when mankind is so much better at slaughter, (do pause for a moment of silence for just a moment for the slaughter of every child in the last and present wars. The right to work, vote and have sex as one choses with out your small minded, narrow point of your religon and god on my woman’s body is all that I ask for now. at least in my party,,, our women are taught not to be cocksuckers, but hey, keep training yours the way you do..I love getting head from the republican, libertarian fellas sure know how to train them..

Well, if liberal women are all frigid or lesbians as Proud Liberal Man implies, it’s no wonder that he’s so angry. I’m betting he scored at least a 75 on his TOEFL, however. Good for him.

The thing that amuses me about liberal positions is that they are so prone to recommending impossible solutions to deal with easily averted problems. Faced with the problem of millions of women choosing to murder their unborn daughters, they’ll advocate changing 6,000 years of Chinese culture. Right, good luck with that.

I might add that I have not ever referred to anyone, of any color, as “bro”.