Mailvox: even grandma is down wid’it

DC writes approvingly:

As a Christian mother and grandmother, I want to thank you so much for your WND article “Why women’s rights are wrong”! It has long been my contention that we ladies were far better off before anyone ever heard of Womens’ Lib.

I am almost one of the Baby Boomers (born slightly before the end of WWII) – and I was never taught that I needed to be “liberated”. What I was taught was that I was a free, native-born American citizen and as such, was guaranteed the right to pursue my “happiness” – whether that was marriage and family or being an astronaut. I was also taught that the Constitution did not guarantee that I would achieve that goal.

As a result, over the years, I have reached some goals – and been disappointed in others. That’s called Life. I have held “traditional” and “non-traditional” jobs, and in every case, because of my hard work, I earned the respect and friendship of both male and female co-workers. Yes, I have encountered incidences of sexual harrassment, and even physical abuse – but my mother taught me very effective ways of handling those. In short, I have never felt the need of a courtroom, attorney or judge to establish or affirm my “rights” as a woman….

My late dad made a truly profound statement not long before his death: “We are the only nation on earth stupid enough to kill off our own future taxbase.”

Oh, for the days “when men were men, and women were women” – oh, for the days when they were allowed to be!

She sounds very oppressed to me. Page Gloria Steinhem, stat! Meanwhile, BW demonstrates that the oppression spans generations:

Awesome commentary! From a stay home mother who homeschools and loves every minute.Whose children, 5 and 7, want to adopt so they can have other brothers and sisters; who, themselves, play with their babydolls and have their pretend family. Maybe we’ll adopt the little boy who can grow up learning that daddy loves their mommy and loves his role as husband, provider, protector and daddyman.

Thanks and keep them (commentaries) coming!

Doesn’t she know that I hate women? What’s a poor embittered mysogynist to do?