Mailvox: the search for a Christian genius

TNT wants a more precise answer:

Listen, either you can offer the name of a genius (160 IQ or higher) who is a xtian, or you can’t.

So far you haven’t.

I’m not interested in debating with you how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, or how long a day is, or whether domestic animals were created before humans were there to domesticate them, or whether plants were growing on earth before the sun was in existence.

I’m only interested in the existence of a genius (160 IQ or higher) who is a Christian.

I suspect the reason no one offered any names initially is because they were uncertain of your criteria. Anyhow, I know at least two. The 31st Marine Corps Commandant General Charles C. Krulak and my friend and occasional partner-in-crime Big Chilly. Both have IQ’s north of 160 and both are devout Christians. And while I have never had occasion to ask Dr. Gregory Boyd, the author of LETTERS FROM A SKEPTIC and pastor at Woodland Hills Church, about his IQ, he likely possesses one that meets your requirements. I will ask him the next time I speak with him.

I suspect the problem is that while one often knows that an acquaintance is intelligent, one may not know precisely how intelligent. Unfortunately, as you rightly suspected, I’m on the south side of 160 myself. This gives Big Chilly, who qualifies for 999, no end of amusement. “Do you need me to explain that to you?” However, there are one or two blog regulars here, one definitely a Christian, who I suspect are 160-plus.

As for the historical examples with whom you take issue, I don’t see how it’s possible to dismiss Newton given his writings and interest in eschatology. He may not have been, as you say, a Biblethumper, but that is no requirement to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Would you consider me to be a Biblethumper? I don’t think so, but I claim to be a Christian nevertheless.