Mailvox: a few differences

Cedarford tries to equate Islamic apologetics with the Christian sort:

1. Despite dozens of centuries of scientific learning, the Book describes the lessons for living life better than any other system. That is why so many believers need only follow the Book’s teachings to enrich their lives. And why so few of our true believers are top scientists. Even our famous mathematicians began agnostic and only embraced faith after their most creative years were done.

This is arguably as true as my statement, but only because life under Sharia is societally healthier and more robust than modern secular culture. See Europe for details; there’s a good reason why childless Europeans have to import Muslims in order to prop up their decaying societies and not the other way around.

2. Despite attempts by Godless scholars, truth after truth has been scientifically revealed. Journeys, events, cities…described exactly as the Book says. As time goes by, the certitude that every word of The Book is literally true rises.

Of course, I gave several historical examples and could have provided dozens more to support my assertion. This one is baseless. When science has attempted to directly challenge the Bible, it has usually turned out to be wrong. As for the most famous counterexample, it’s worth recalling that the Ptolemaic system was not Biblical, it was the modern science of its day.

Ironically, the entire ancient timeline as recorded by secular science is likely wrong because one eminent archeologist equated a certain pharoah with the wrong Biblical pharoah. So, we currently have a situation where secular archeologists are arguing that the Biblical record is mythical based on one Christian’s apparently incorrect interpretation of a single Biblical character.

3. The Book is magnificently written, with the best poetry – surely the authorship was inspired by the One God. Who said this? VD? No, just a typical Muslim commenting on the Koran.

Note that I was content to allow a secular writer or poet to make judgment, as indeed many have, imitation being the most sincere form of appreciation. The Book, on the other hand, is was laid out according to length; try that with any book of fiction or non-fiction and see how it reads. Michel Houellebecq is not the only author to be deeply disappointed with its literary quality.