It’s just a free trade zone

From the Telegraph, via NRO’s Corner:

“A wealth of evidence has come to light to show how, over the next two decades, the British Army will have been almost wholly reorganised and re-equipped as part of the European Rapid Reaction Force (ERRF), directed from Brussels, using equipment supplied almost entirely by other countries in the EU. No longer will it be technically or politically possible for Britain’s Armed Forces to fight independently, or in alliance with those of the US. Yet the scale and the speed of this astonishing transformation has been deliberately concealed by the Ministry of Defence – to the point where British firms are being instructed to buy foreign-made defence equipment which can be relabelled to look as though it is British-made…Britain’s abandonment of its military co-operation with the US in favour of integration with our European “partners” has been prompted by the forthcoming revolution in warfare centred on satellites, electronics, and a new generation of vehicles, unmanned aircraft and weapons systems. Almost across the board, the MoD is turning its back on joint defence projects with the US, even where these involve British firms, in favour of equipment supplied or developed by firms in France, Germany, Italy and Sweden.”

You may wish to keep this in mind this as NAFTA+CAFTA morphs insensibly into the American Union. It wasn’t all that long ago when people told me that I was being paranoid by insisting that the European Common Market was a dictatorial political entity in the making – it’s just a free trade zone, they protested, that’s all. They’re not saying that anymore.

I seem to recall a certain saying about fooling someone twice….