The extreme defense

Morgan skips over half measures – and one-quarter, one-third and three quarters measures, for that matter:

I’m waiting for someone to suggest “kill them all and let God sort them out.” If somoene hasn’t written it, I’m sure they’re thinking it….*sigh*

So, there’s no middle ground between doing nothing and hoping that being nice to the Muslims will moderate the behavior of their extremist elements and “kill[ing] them all”? This strikes me as bordering on silly.

Repatriating all non-citizen Muslims and forbidding future entry would be only one of a vast panoply of actions designed to significantly reduce the problem. The problem is that the current lack of a coherent response tends to increase the likelihood of the more extreme and more violent reaction that every decent individual hopes never to see.

If anyone is thinking it, it is because they do not have faith that the authorities will take responsible and reasonable action.