Christians and war

One great problem faced by Christians attempting to address either the Iraqi War or the War on Method – which may yet morph into a pan-al Harb War on Islam – is that it is impossible to dictate societal actions by the tenets of an individual faith. A society has no soul, it cannot forgive nor will it one day face judgment for its actions.

It is clear from the Old Testament that God’s view of war is rather different than our own. What we see, justifiably, as a form of Hell can actually be the right and proper thing to do, if it is performed in obedience to a Divine command.

But what does God command? Not this war, apparently, as the Commander-in-Chief has made no claim of receiving Divine guidance of which I am aware. I think that a decision of this sort tends to fall in the area of a judgment call, theologically different from the decision to run or pass the ball on first-and-ten only in its expected effect on the lives of others.

I could, of course, be completely wrong.