An interesting perspective

From the UK Guardian:

Plans by an alliance of rightwing extremists and football hooligans to exact “revenge” on Muslims after last week’s bomb attacks are being monitored by police. The Guardian has learned that extremists are keen to cause widespread fear and injury with attacks on mosques and high-profile “anti-Muslim” events in the capital.

Football hooligans communicating over the internet have spoken of the need to put aside partisan support for teams and unite against Muslims. Hooligans from West Ham, Millwall, Crystal Palace and Arsenal are among those seeking to establish common cause.

What is the difference betweeen “revenge” and revenge? Or an “anti-Muslim” event and one that is merely anti-Muslim? Anyhow, it’s good to know that the British police will be working hard to prevent reprisals against those committing mass murder. One wouldn’t want people overreacting to mass murder, after all.