Taliban… Taliban… Taliban, I wanna rock you….

Orac doesn’t know so very much:

I thought the Taliban only existed in Afghanistan, but I was wrong. We apparently have our very own aspiring Taliban wannabes right here in the U.S., even in a state as liberal as Minnesota.

Don’t believe me?

Read this disgusting tidbit from a “conservative” blogger calling himself Vox Popoli. Some of the comments are even scarier.

But don’t read it unless you have a strong stomach.

Let’s see. Christian |= Muslim. Libertarian |= Totalitarian. Anti-death penalty |= pro-death penalty. True, I think women’s suffrage was a tragic mistake for the nation, but then, I don’t recall the Taliban permitting men to vote either. I only hope the poor dear didn’t faint when she encountered the “disgusting tidbit”.

But don’t let a wildly inaccurate analogy slow you down, Cecilia. Keep saying “Taliban” enough and perhaps you’ll be able convince someone that you know something about the world outside your small intestine.

Oh, and it should probably be noted that the Taliban actually began in the madrassas of Pakistan, many of which are still in operation. But let’s not get pedantic….