Please do not set the players on fire

You wouldn’t think anyone could make Oakland Raiders fans look genteel, but at the San Siro, the stadium shared by Milan and Inter Milan, with Milan leading 3-0 in the aggregate, an idiot Interista threw something and apparently hit Dida, the Milan goalie, in the face. I wasn’t sure if it was a spark from the nearby flare that hit the ground just before he collapsed or another object too small to see, but either way, he was down and out.

I’m not sure what was going on, as the crowd was already going crazy after Inter had a goal disallowed.

After that, the referee wisely decided to call the game early. It looks as if the game will be awarded to Milan and the rossoneri will rightly advance, but UEFA really has to figure out a way to crack down on this sort of thing. This penchant for throwing things already reached the point of absurdity several years ago, but this is over-the-top insane.