Mailvox: the other side

MW is moved to defend the homemakers:

I’ve never done this before, but VR’s comments caught my attention. You see, I’ve cleaned many toilets in my time and have “popped” ten babies so far. I have many aspirations, but they center around the vision my husband and I have for our family. We are trying to build a foundation that will stand for generations. This is a task that requires a mother who is focused and dedicated to that vision. This requires that a woman even has the foresight to appreciate the impact her mothering can have on future generations when she is dead and gone. Women today are short-sighted. They will do this for a corporation, but they won’t do it for their own family. The working world pays a woman for these things. A mother at home does it for love. Daycare can’t compare with real time mother love. Women are trading their birthright for a mess of pottage.

It saddens me that Christian women have joined the ranks looking to impact the world by means of a paycheck. Thriving families are a thing of the past because feminists have convinced today’s women that a mom at home is worthless, useless, senseless, and ignorant. I reject that drivel! I revel in the results of my decision every day as I see the happy faces around our dinner table and as I lie next to the man I love each night. Jesus said the greatest among us would be servants and that in losing our life we would find it. That is what real womanhood is all about…

She really sounds like a useless, worthless ignorant doormat, doesn’t she….