Why women shouldn’t vote: Reason 345 & 346

Norway will shut companies that refuse to recruit at least 40 percent women to their boards by 2007 under an unprecedented equality drive, a cabinet minister said on Tuesday.

“Companies have been dragging their feet. They really have to recruit more women,” Children and Family Affairs Minister Laila Daavoey told Reuters. “In the very worst case, they will face closure.”

Far too many women are fascists at heart. You can see this at work in almost every female-dominant organization and in the way that women’s organizations constantly attempt to force change on everyone, men and women, who don’t want it. Some people think the Founding Fathers had never even considered the thought of allowing women to vote, that it was just a historical oversight on the part of some unconsciously sexist men. I suspect that they knew perfectly well what they were doing, given the obvious connection between the female franchise and the West’s continental drift into socialism.

There is a reason why a fascist demagogue like Benito Mussolini made suffragism the very first point in the Fascist Manifesto, after all.

UPDATE: And this should kill off marriage in Spain once and for all….

Spain is about to pass a law forcing men to do housework. The draft approved by the Spanish parliament’s justice commission says men must “share domestic responsibilities and the care and attention” of children and elderly family members, the London Guardian reported.

The amendment, which has the backing of every Spanish party, will be incorporated later this year into the marriage contract at civil wedding ceremonies in a country where it’s reported 40 percent of men do no housework at all. It will be applied in divorce proceedings: Men who don’t do their share could be give less time with their children….

“The idea of equality within marriage always stumbles over the problem of work in the house and caring for dependent people,” said the law’s chief sponsor, Margarita Uría, of the Basque Nationalist party.

“This will be a good way of reminding people what their duties are,” she said, according to the Guardian. “It is something feminists have been wanting for a long time.”

It’s time for men to fight back against these laws with the nuclear option. Refuse to get married in the eyes of the law. Christians can have a church-consecrated relationship-blessing ceremony that is non-legally binding, while non-Christians don’t even have to bother with that. If the children and property aren’t yours even if you do marry, then what on Earth is the point of subjecting yourself to the evils of the state’s marriage machinery?